About Us

Demand drives innovation… and innovation drives us.

In 2013, Polychromatic (PCC) saw an opportunity where demand for timely, courteous service and products met with our innovation to reinvent a better option for the nail polish world. PCC strives to offer unique products, competitive pricing and utmost customer satisfaction.

PCC is here to make your business better. Our measure of success is only based on our customer’s loyalty and continued growth. From inception to creation, we’re here to guide our customers every step of the way and ensure success.

Customer satisfaction starts with our renowned customer service. We take great pride in speed of production and prompt delivery of accurate orders. Our technical staff is available any time to recommend products, field questions and provide technical support. Our customers have unfettered access to our entire team to ensure a successful project.

Polychromatic is the newest family division of Keystone Research and Pharmaceutical.


For over 100 years, Keystone has been present in the business-to-business world, specializing as a WWD leader and partner of major cosmetic brands, positioned in decorative cosmetics, scientifically specializing in hand applications from polymer chemistry, monomer chemistry, coatings, to light cured gel polish segments.  Keystone has developed strong innovation and knowledge in the beauty coatings with experience in dental applications.

Polychromatic remains consistently at the forefront of all environmental concerns and offers globally compliant products.


"Not only was the team a pleasure to work with but, their color matching was dead on."

"Perfect... You guys "nailed" it!"

"We have so much in sight, and well be taking each step to get there hand in hand with Polychromatic."

"They all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!"