[ B.I.S ]

Through beauty, innovation and science, or what we like to call B.I.S., Polychromatic focuses on forward-thinking fashion and cutting-edge technology during product development. By delivering a wide range of semi-finished bulk to full turnkey options, we focus on the three things that make world-renowned nail polish: Beauty + Innovation + Science.


Without beauty, you don’t have nail polish. Polychromatic focuses on ahead-of-the-curve trends, exquisite color matching and an overall finish that exemplifies beauty.


Along with forward-thinking trends comes innovation. Polychromatic has the willingness to think and create outside the box. Looking ahead and predicting demand is part of our innovative advantage.




Science synergizes Polychromatic’s focus on beauty and innovation. By using sound science techniques and vast R&D strategies, we can use science to turn your vision into a reality.